Transaction Services Consulting


AKT’s core expertise across all stages of a merger or acquisition positions us well to be global leaders in all types of acquisition support. Similarly, for alliances and joint ventures, AKT helps clients make critical decisions throughout the negotiation process to maximize partnership benefits. AKT’s breadth of transaction support services includes target identification and screening, through which we evaluate market and geographic segments to identify untapped business opportunities. We perform commercial due diligence for clients, including forecasting opportunities that use market scenarios to quantify how market changes might impact a deal’s value. We also execute comprehensive risk and reward assessments for added understanding of market variables, and provide relevant research prior to completing any transaction.

In alliances and joint ventures, we initiate evaluation and selection research, provide ongoing strategic support, identify poor alliance performance and establish new terms to remedy issues. We also create metrics and quantitative models to continuously identify and evaluate new alliance opportunities.

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