Senior/Elderly Care Consulting


AKT Consulting is the leading source of advice for private providers in all area of senior and elderly care, including assisted/independent living, skilled nursing, home care and hospice.

The senior care industry is currently in the grip of significant changes and challenges, and as a segment consumes more than 60% of most countries’ healthcare budgets. In many markets, funding constraints, growing demand, inadequate public infrastructure, and a rationing of care services exerts significant pressure, while at the same time, providers face increasing concern among the general population over the quality of both public and private care. Funding for elderly and aged care remains very dynamic, and a winning strategy requires our clients to have a clear perspective and a plan to act on it.

AKT is well versed in the U.K. dynamic of emerging, mixed-funding models and pure self-pay sectors. We are well positioned to understand the potential that this trend gives our clients to build business-to-consumer propositions. With increasing demand for modern, relevant nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home delivered solutions — and the increasing impact of telecare — our clients turn to us to help them address these market dynamics.

Client Issues

We help our senior and elderly care clients answer the following strategic questions:

  • What service offering is required to succeed in a market where reimbursement dynamics are changing rapidly? What opportunities might exist today to serve a pure private-pay market and how quickly will such a market develop?
  • How will commissioning of healthcare services evolve in the light of reform agendas in Europe and the U.S., and what business models will be most successful?
  • For U.K. companies, what is the correct response and partnering strategy in the light of the increasing use of capitated commissioning by the NHS?
  • What is the correct response and partnering strategy in the light of the increasing use of capitated commissioning by the NHS in the U.K.?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • Assisted a senior care provider in developing a strategy to identify which sites of care to focus on, how to integrate the offerings, and how to succeed in each site of care given the evolving role of the payer, referring physician and patient/caregiver.
  • Developed a reimbursement strategy for an elderly care provider.
  • Advised a European healthcare provider’s management and investors on the potential for private-pay
    nursing homes.
  • Assessed a supply and demand mismatch for dementia facilities.
  • Conducted a vendor due diligence for an integrated provider of domiciliary care services in the U.K., including assessment of scope to create private pay services.

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