Post-Merger Integration (PMI) Consulting


AKT research has shown that acquirers destroy shareholder value in nearly 60% of acquisitions undertaken. Despite this research, our experience shows that companies can be quite successful in M&A. Winning acquirers put the right M&A strategy in place, get the acquisition price right and use a structured post-merger integration approach to capture revenue, cost and capital synergies.

AKT’s global post-merger integration team advises on a wide variety of transactions, from large-scale, global deals to middle-market transactions. Our experts understand the complexities of integrating companies across regions and countries. For middle-market deals, we bring added structure, focus, and speed. We can deploy deep commercial and operational expertise to help integration teams identify and evaluate synergy opportunities and develop the integration plans to realize synergy value.

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • Helped a global scientific tools company capture synergies on complex, cross-border merger integration. The integration proceeded efficiently and achieved our client’s goals.
  • Developed and managed a complex integration following a transformational merger for a pharmaceutical client. The successful integration surpassed our client’s synergy targets.
  • Supported the simultaneous merger of three software and service companies.
  • Developed and managed a 100-day post-close integration plan for a global biopharmaceutical company.
  • Supported a major power generator retailer in its integration of power generation assets.

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