New Product Dev. Consulting


Changing market dynamics, competitive action and cost dynamics — among other things — not only alter the economic attractiveness of existing products but also expose untapped opportunities for new product concepts.

AKT offers clients unique expertise in market analysis, concept design and business case development expertise, combined with organizational and process change and design experience. All of this helps companies optimize their product portfolios. We examine existing product portfolios, identify where products need to be repositioned and where some should be rationalized. We also identify where new opportunities exist and advise clients on the best way to seize these opportunities.

We work with clients to improve and leverage their strengths to retool product and service portfolios, identify and capitalize on new market opportunities, reduce development time and costs, and create products that drive long-term growth and profitability.

Our core capabilities include product portfolio optimization, new product development and innovation capability development.

Examples of Our Work

In recent engagements, AKT has provided:

  • Product portfolio optimization for a maker of plastic horticultural containers.
  • Innovative new product development for a major mattress manufacturer.
  • Innovation capability development at a global pharma company.
  • Delivery support at a premier international airline.

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