IT Services Consulting


The need for increased agility and flexibility to scale up or down services to address changing demands is underpinning the movement to SaaS, virtual and cloud based deployment models, and has the potential to position IT services providers for success. Our work in this segment helps organizations adapt to best position themselves for growth in this environment.

Client Issues

For clients to make successful strategic decisions, we recommend that they consider the following issues:

  • What are the implications of procurement departments seeking to reduce the number of IT service providers?
  • How do firms navigate talent acquisition, given overall demand for IT professionals is expected to outstrip supply over the next 5-10 years, particularly in higher skilled positions?
  • Does the high degree of market fragmentation present an opportunity or threat?

Examples of Our Work

  • Understood key trends and provided an independent perspective on the service offering and growth opportunities available to a global provider of IT consulting and integration services
  • Characterized the performance and growth potential for the an IT staffing company within the context of industry growth dynamics, the Company’s ability to differentiate itself with customers, and its current strategic positioning relative to key threats / risks
  • Developed an informed view of the expected growth outlook for a large hardware / software / services enterprise comprising multiple lines of business, and a perspective on the feasibility of achieving management’s profitability improvement targets

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