Commercial Excellence


The pressure to generate profitable revenue growth for a company is intense.

We work closely with management teams to align sales teams to growth strategies and targeted customers, to improve value proposition articulation, to evaluate the optimal allocation and focus of selling resources (internal and external), to root out sales productivity drains, to align incentives and, ultimately, to create a commercial “engine” that can drive reliable, profitable revenue growth.

Companies face headwinds from weakness in emerging markets, global oversupply in commodity industries or other factors. With underwhelming market growth, pressure increases to find unique ways to drive market share gains. Demands for support and responsiveness from customers continue to go up, putting more pressure on commercial teams. Customers increasingly demand far more customized solutions and services for their specific needs, meaning that offering great products and services is now just table stakes.

Getting the right commercial model in place to sell more integrated solutions is increasingly the key to sales growth. The combination of these factors is forcing many companies to re-examine their go-to-market models, sales organizations, and key sales and marketing processes to drive higher productivity and return on investment from their commercial resources.

We bring analytical firepower and best practices to identify problem areas and practical opportunities for improvement. Our work is focused on generating quick wins while helping our clients build their commercial capabilities for the long term.

In our experience, working closely with clients on these issues often yields significant incremental revenue with low / no incremental capital investment — a great payback in a critical business area.

Examples of Our Work

In recent commercial excellence engagements, we have successfully:

  • Developed a revised go-to-market strategy for a pro audio equipment OEM, resulting in revenue growth, significant market share gain and improved profitability
  • Worked with a top three global food ingredients business to develop a new distribution strategy that increased focus on higher-value opportunities and migrated low-value customers to online channels
  • Developed sales force effectiveness and a new product launch program for a leading European drug manufacturer
  • Refined and helped deploy an updated go-to-market strategy and commercial team approach for a foodservice parts manufacturer, resulting in immediate productivity gains from the sales team

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