Social Computing


In this era of complex social interactions, digitalization, and technology driven peer- to peer exchange, brands need to engage more, rather than just communicating with the consumers. Enterprises deploy social technologies both externally and internally for interacting with their customers and partners and the employees as well.  The social technologies enable better engagement with various communities and bring in more effective collaboration among the concerned stakeholders, for business processes. Our social computing capabilities enable organizations to improve collaboration and innovation and at the same time address the key business goals. Our comprehensive social solutions help enterprises to better understand, engage and influence the customer requirements and their preferences.

We leverage disruptive technologies including Mobility, Cloud Computing and Analytics in our social computing solutions to enable the world’s top businesses, governments and organizations deliver business value for their customers and shareholders.


We help enterprises in building a holistic understanding of customer preferences by integrating their social behaviour with transactional behaviour and capture meaningful insights about customers to enable:

  • Precise delivery of hyper-relevant content
  • Target influential and brand advocates
  • Personalized and tailored marketing campaigns and offers to specific user segments

Build more relevant marketing programs with a holistic view of customers – by integrating online, social, and in-store data of customers. Collect rich profile data with permission from a user’s social network account. Harness this data and use it to:

  • Inform data-driven marketing programs.
  • Deliver personalized content, recommendations, promotions, rewards and more
  • Pair existing user data with social profile to build a complete, 360 degree view of your customer

We help in measuring, monitoring, and managing customer service across every social channel with real-time reports and customizable dashboards. This will provide you complete visibility into your business service metrics. Through the customized dashboards, you can monitor customer service data and provide better customer experience by analysing and identifying trends and knowledge gaps.

Online social customer communities are changing the way of communication of brands with the customers. They enable in:

  • Reducing support costs by empowering customers to help other customers
  • Acquiring newer customers and retain existing customers by providing a platform for them to engage with brand owners.
  • Getting customers to advocate for your brand and create peer influence in important markets

Gaining rich insights to power innovation and product development initiatives

Social enterprise social technologies such as employee communities, blogs, wikis, social networks, and collaboration spaces take employee collaboration to a whole new level by enabling smarter, simpler ways of connecting, collaborating and working. It will also enable:

  • Keeping employees more engaged and better-informed.
  • Achieve significant cost reductions and performance improvements
  • Extending knowledge, ideas and experiences
  • Fostering innovation and learning environment
  • Making smarter business decisions

All consumer-oriented companies know the importance of brand stewardship. In the past, companies tracked brand mentions and awareness with the help of newswire and PR services. But with the vast inflow of consumer-generated media—blogs, message boards, Facebook, Twitter and news forums, public opinion about your brand can be swayed at the speed of thought. Monitoring this flow of content is difficult, but critical in protecting your brand. Brand reputation dashboards enable in:

  • Deriving actionable customer, market and enterprise insights
  • Improve your response to risk and compliance issues.

Arm channel partners and suppliers with collaboration and knowledge-sharing platforms that elevate their sales and marketing teams with social media strategies can serve as competitive business tools. This will enable in:

  • Inspiring partners to build and recommend diverse set of solutions for customers
  • Enabling partners to interact in a better way
  • Helping channel partners generate loyalty and engagement from their customers