Recruitment Consulting


Recruiting firms in the specialist and contracting markets seek AKTCG’s support to build a sustainable position in the marketplace, developing flexible business models that facilitate growth while optimizing efficiency.AKTCG helps recruiters identify and evaluate opportunities for growth through acquisition and new service development, drawing on sector experience and both primary and secondary research to develop a detailed picture of market dynamics, customer buying strategies, and external factors that may influence performance.

Client Issues

As we help clients keep ahead of the challenges, we suggest they ask:

  • What is the most effective strategy for establishing a scalable business in a new market sector?
  • How do I make my business model more responsive to the needs of my clients?
  • How do I build a sustainable position in my market?
  • Where should I invest for growth?
  • How should I structure my business to grow internationally?

Examples of Our Work

AKT has added value to client organizations in areas that include:

  • Completing an acquisition screening for a global staffing provider that had decided to acquire an existing player as it moved from its pure contractor-based business into regular temporary staffing.
  • Assessing the sustainability of a dominant national online job marketplace, analyzing the key market drivers, including the maturity of online migration, the role of social networking sites and the threat from new entrants.
  • Advising an international recruitment firm on the potential for expansion into Asian markets.

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