Omnichannel Retail Transformation


Rising customer expectations are amplifying the complexity of digital selling and challenging traditional infrastructures. When the competition is intense, every transaction can make the difference. However, legacy retail platforms lack ability to identify, reach and interact with customer at different channels. This limits ability of retailers to deliver differentiated customer experience or global expansion goals. Retailers need ability to reach customer across different channels, with lean and agile IT systems to deliver on customer expectations while managing complexities at the back end.

AKT Consulting Group’s Omni-channel Commerce Service empowers organizations to deliver open, consistent and personal user experience across channels of the customer’s choice. We help our clients leverage advanced analytics to better understand customer preferences and elevate experiences by connecting store and fulfilment center. We enable organizations to:

  • Deliver consistent content, product information and digital experiences across web, mobile, store, and all social channels.
  • Enhance inventory visibility and integrate unified payment options across channels.
  • Enable convenient shopping experience by flexible pickup schedules and enable stores to perform pick-pack-ship tasks.
  • Create a single point of truth by streamlining order visibility and traceability.
  • Empower customer support personnel and store staff by providing information on customer past purchases, interactions, queries and complaints.
  • Integrate AI powered chatbots to enable assisted selling on digital channels.
  • Enable B2B organizations to build experience like B2C, while managing all business processes.

Our innovative and secure Omni-channel solutions are designed to support superior product information cataloguing, complex pricing structures, product search tools and tailored checkout processes to create a higher customer retention rate. We help you hyper accelerate Omni-channel retail transformation without replacing the existing ERP system, ensuring a cost-effective implementation.


Manage, monitor, and optimize order management across multiple channels by implementing a single view of inventory and order information and enabling real time updates.

Enable customers to browse and order products unavailable in store or replace the traditional shelf signs with digital screens to enhance customer experience.

Leverage IoT powered solutions to analyze footfall data and in store productivity and acquire real-time view of key store metrics and conversion funnel.

Implement best-in-class product search & navigation, shopping cart customizations, and personalized product recommendation features for B2B retail.

Empower store associates with inspired customer insights to offer highly contextualized and digitally assisted in-store sales and services.

Deploy a single platform to unlock the full potential of proximity marketing – from managing campaigns on social media and digital displays to delivering personalized content to the shopper’s mobile devices, do it all with ease.