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Mergers & Acquisition Services Consulting

AKT Consulting has been a trusted advisor for three decades on a full range of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and transaction support services. We have end-to-end capabilities, from initial screening to value acceleration to synergy realization after the acquisition. Our research-driven methodology enables us to conduct thorough commercial due diligence in real time. We tailor each project to specific client needs.

Consulting Mergers & Acquisition Services Overview

AKT provides unmatched expertise throughout the transaction support services life cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and commercial due diligence through post-acquisition integration support. We call on this experience to realize synergies of transactions. We also help clients identify the true value of an opportunity by combining our meticulous financial analysis with the deep industry knowledge required to understand how the shifting market landscape can impact potential deals. Our worldwide team provides the local insight and language skills required to orchestrate complex multinational M&A transactions.

AKT also shares our M&A expertise by supporting the Kellogg School of Management’s comprehensive Merger Week program — one of the oldest and most successful programs of its kind. The program takes participants through the intricacies of strategic mergers and acquisitions. From identifying target companies to post-merger integration, attendees learn the latest frameworks and tools to ensure their company’s success, as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls of M&A failures.AKT Vice President Chris Kenney is co-academic director of the program.

Areas of Practice

Our PMI practice has deep experience in ensuring successful acquisition integration. This includes assessing revenue and cost synergy potential, “Clean Team” support, negotiation support, pre-close planning and analysis, post-close integration support, carve-out strategy and approach planning, and creation of transition service agreements. We advise our clients across a broad range of activities to ensure the best-available insight heading into a deal is combined with appropriate planning for executing the transaction, thereby driving success and value creation.

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For 30 years, AKT Consulting has helped our clients deliver strong investment returns across the full transaction cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and strategic due diligence, to post-merger integration and strategy activation, to value enhancement and exit. A global authority in private equity, AKT is a leading strategy consultant for middle market and large cap private equity transactions in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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AKT has the experience to assist clients at every point in the transaction process including supporting M&A strategy development, identifying and screening potential targets, and providing ongoing valuation analysis, communications support and strategy activation.
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AKT combines strategic acumen with the extensive industry insight to help clients enhance business performance and gain market share via our service offerings – business unit strategy, corporate strategy, organizational strategy and shareholder value management.

Service &Sample Service Components

  • Evaluate market and geographic segments to identify untapped business opportunities
  • Conduct detailed reviews and screens of relevant markets
  • Identify potential targets for acquisition based on existing strategic objectives
  • Make initial deal introductions and support early-phase activities
  • Forecast opportunities using a series of market scenarios to quantify how market changes could impact a deal’s value
  • Execute comprehensive risk/reward assessments for added understanding of market variables
  • Provide relevant research prior to completing any transaction
  • Initiate evaluation and selection research
  • Provide ongoing strategic support — including quantitative modeling of various deal terms — to reach an agreement
  • Identify poor alliance performance and establish new terms to remedy issues
  • Create metrics and quantitative models to identify and evaluate new alliance opportunities continually
  • Establish financial models to measure and illustrate a company’s true value
  • Analyze valuation over time to gain an enhanced understanding of business performance
  • Launch a post-deal action plan to unlock the value of a deal quickly:
  • Prioritize short- and near-term opportunities
  • Identify cost reduction areas
  • Establish a clear timeline and action plan


  • Implement short-term plan
  • Oversee integration management processes
  • Provide management with the analysis and tools to achieve short-term goals and establish foundation for future success


  • Identify and prioritize long-term growth and business initiatives
  • Research opportunities to expand sales margins
  • Uncover areas for performance improvement by auditing management processes and operations
  • Initiate cost reduction activities
  • Scale to provide additional “bolt-on” acquisition support
  • Market evaluation and assessment
  • Financial and valuation analysis
  • Expert report and testimony

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