Industrial and Professional Services Consulting


AKT enables management teams and investors to create greater shareholder value through operational excellence. Our support includes optimizing asset utilization through depot network analysis, developing growth strategies, analyzing product portfolio strategy, new product development, sales force effectiveness, and acquisition or divestment support.

Client Issues

Our experienced sector teams facilitate the strategy development process by working through the essential questions at the heart of any project, including:

  • How should I optimize the delivery of services and maximize asset utilization?
  • What is the most effective way to expand my business into new geographic markets and where should I focus my investment?
  • How will new regulation affect market dynamics and my competitors, and how should I respond?
  • What new added-value service offerings will be most attractive to my existing customer base?
  • What adjacent market opportunities are there for my existing service offer?

Examples of Our Work

Examples of industrial and professional services engagements include:

  • For a private equity firm, completing a commercial vendor due diligence analysis to support the sales process of a leading environmental consultancy.
  • Conducting a commercial due diligence review of the leading global firm of business consultants on behalf a private equity client.  The work principally focused on a review of the company’s core markets, competitive position and an assessment of management projections.
  • For a leading global provider of testing, inspection and certification services, providing a commercial due diligence for the acquisition of a global provider of vendor inspection and manpower services for the oil and gas industry.

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