Healthcare Support Services Consulting


AKT advises organizations (and investors) that provide a wide range of services and technology solutions to payers, providers, and other constituents across the healthcare value chain.

The substantial changes in payer mix, provider consolidation and integration as well as regulatory requirements are fundamentally changing the landscape and requirements of the service providers’ customer base. We help these organizations optimize their value proposition, business model and distribution to achieve maximum share in their target markets and to avoid being marginalized by insurgent players.

Our experience across the healthcare ecosystem provides an in-depth understanding of, and critical context for, the issues that payers, providers, etc. are facing and how services and technology solutions can most effectively support them in achieving their goals.

Client Issues

Some of the key issues we address for service providers include:

  • How will healthcare reform and other industry dynamics affect the demand for particular services and technology solutions?
  • What are the key underlying customer needs and what is the value proposition that will differentiate the offering from competitors?
  • What additional services and adjacent markets should be pursued?
  • Which specialties are likely to move out of hospital settings into community settings, and who is best positioned to benefit from this trend?
  • How can the private sector support and collaborate with the public sector to improve efficiency and care quality?
  • What is the opportunity presented by digital healthcare and where is global spending principally deployed?
  • What digital healthcare opportunities are patients/consumers prepared to pay for?
  • What is the potential for tele-healthcare and what market penetration rates can we expect?
  • How can technology be integrated with care services to enhance operational effectiveness?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • Created a comprehensive fact-base of the ACO market opportunity to inform go-to-market strategy for the services and technology business unit of a leading payer-provider, including an in-depth evaluation of the ACO services market (including sizing and segmentation), current and future competitors, customer needs, and articulated implications for the client’s go-to-market strategy.
  • Completed opportunity assessment and developed strategy for Retiree Private Exchange (RPE) for a leading health and financial services provider.
  • Conducted commercial due diligence of an integrated electronic medical record (EMR), and practice management (PM) solutions provider to a range of physician specialties.
  • Reviewed digital healthcare landscape, expenditure trends and opportunities across the value chain.
  • Conducted a strategic review in the U.S., U.K., Spain and Germany for a global provider of telecare and tele-healthcare services.
  • Conducted a market assessment and due diligence for a leading pharmaceutical company on the potential for investment in tele-healthcare provision.

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