Healthcare Distributor Consulting


AKT advises drug, specialty and medical-supply distributors, pharmacies and benefit managers on creating robust revenue-enhancement strategies through addressing core customer needs by customer segment, identifying new market opportunities, and providing customers with innovative, pragmatic solutions. AKT also provides the support necessary to activate and implement the strategic initiatives effectively and efficiently in order to maximize the probability of success.

A deep understanding of how to analyze and assess these businesses lets AKT identify the key drivers for growth, and know what pricing and other levers to pull to achieve a leadership market position and optimize profitability.

Client Issues

Distributors and specialty pharmacies play an important role in healthcare by increasing the efficiency of delivery across a fragmented provider network. Key issues where AKT is asked to provide support include:

  • How can specialty pharmacies differentiate their services against better-established PBMs?
  • When does it make sense to acquire a potential distributor versus partnering with national organizations to expand into more complex therapeutic areas?
  • Will U.S. federal health mandates accelerate or slow the growth of M&A in the specialty pharma market?
  • How will structural changes for the contracting of dispensing services impact distributors? What is the potential for community “residential” pharmacies?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • Completed strategic planning and scenario planning engagements with major PBMs (both captive and independents) with a focus on the impact of various healthcare reform, demographic, and structural changes likely in the next five years.
  • Assessed size, segmentation, trends, channel dynamics, and competitors of multiple end markets for a leading healthcare supplies and equipment distributor, recommended for or against market entry, and supported development of product and service offerings and business models for prioritized end markets.
  • Developed a strategic business planning framework for a major U.K. pharmacy chain, including strategic segmentation and definition of required operational improvements.
  • Developed key account program with major pharmacies and wholesalers for an international pharmacy company.
  • Conducted an opportunity review for a retail pharmacy group to broaden its service offering with pharmaceutical companies, including enhanced training and sales support by disease/therapeutic areas.

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