Enabling Services Consulting


There are a number of macro trends impacting hospital and other healthcare provider needs that are in turn influencing how MedTech companies operate and what they offer their clients. Hospitals are increasingly looking for MedTech partners that can offer “customer excellence” (e.g., sharing risk, offering full solutions, helping engage patients, etc.). AKT has extensive experience and is recognized as a leader in assisting our MedTech clients design the optimal product and service offering to address these changing customer needs and meet company goals. We are helping our clients to develop strategies that more directly meet hospitals’ requirements to increase operational efficiency, enhance integrated care and become valuable partners in improving care. We are able to leverage our expertise across MedTech, healthcare services and pharmaceuticals & biotech to evaluate the full need of the client and the customers to develop the optimal value-maximizing strategy.

Client Issues

Based on our expertise in this space, we challenge our clients to answer important questions such as:

  • How are changes in access and reimbursement impacting our value?  What can we do to mitigate any
    negative impact?
  • What products and services will create broader and more attractive solutions for our customers?
  • How do we clearly articulate the value proposition of our solution in a way that is compelling to our customers?
  • How should sales and marketing efforts be structured and focused?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients create value, please refer to these case examples:

  • Our client had already experienced tremendous success in its core markets and was looking for opportunities to drive additional growth.AKT was commissioned to help determine the client’s core competencies and to identify adjacent market sectors that could be leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage. Our assessment identified incremental growth opportunities that could be realized through increased penetration of the client’s core offerings in new customer segments (e.g., new call point for OR). Beyond its core service offering, other adjacent service areas provided additional potential, but also new competitive challenges that the client needed to understand and overcome.AKT developed a holistic strategic plan that connected the client’s opportunities with its core competencies to drive the next phase of growth.
  • Our client, one of the largest electronics and engineering companies in the world, has been a leader in the healthcare industry for many years. In addition to its healthcare unit, the client has a comprehensive financial services arm. AKT was engaged to provide a view on current global market dynamics, the competitive landscape, and value propositions to create “pull through” as well as a prioritization based on market opportunity. AKT developed innovative financial solutions to help our client drive incremental healthcare equipment sales.

Please contact us at contact@aktcg.com for additional information.