Digital Transformation

Changing the face of business

Business strategy in the digital world calls for innovation in the way people, process and technology operate to deliver successful and sustainable business outcomes.

While the ability to create and leverage intellectual property and digital assets has the power to transform business, many leaders believe the pace of their digital transformation is not sufficiently fast or innovative, and are unsure what the underlying economics of their new digital reality will be.

Optimity’s collaborative and entrepreneurial methodologies integrate the three dimensions of creativity, analytics, and technology to drive successful Digital Transformation and change the way your business engages with customers, suppliers and staff. Whether endeavouring to catch up, leapfrog, maintain a leadership position or fundamentally change business models, our collaborative design-thinking approach, deep industry knowledge, and multidisciplinary skill base provide you with the tools you need to be at the forefront of the next wave of the digital revolution.


Inform your core business operations and technology with a data foundation
  • Create the essential building blocks, strategy, and governance model to enable you to shore up data and digital assets across enterprise.
  • Create a clear roadmap for delivering ROI.
Transform your operations with innovative process and data-driven solutions
  • Automate where possible/desirable and create the conditions for reduced business risk and fact informed decision-making.
  • Co-design the optimal architecture and integration across core, surround, social networks, etc. to improve cross-coordination and management decisions.
Optimize your data and customer interactions
  • Invest and gain ROI from analytics that maximize customer value.  Improve data models and create innovative segmentation and engagement to drive customer retention and acquisition.
Monetize your core intelligence and proprietary knowledge
  • Develop models and analysis that enable instant, relevant decisions and experiences by leveraging the collective intelligence distributed across the Internet of Things.
  • Evolve approaches to automate aspects of decision making through machine learning.
Accelerate your digital product & service launches
  • Rapidly ideate, prototype, test and scale products in markets.

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