Digital Media Consulting


Digital media (including TV, music, news, DVDs and videos, movies, books, and other forms of entertainment and digital broadcasting) is fueled by advances in technology and infrastructure. These advances continue to reshape how, where, and when content and information are consumed. AKT has a deep track record of achieving tangible results in the areas of traditional-to Internet transition, digital media acquisitions, and on-demand businesses so that companies looking to embrace digital media can find new paths to grow and prosper.

Client Issues

As we help clients keep ahead of the challenges facing the ever-changing digital landscape, we suggest they ask:

  • How can digital media companies take advantage of mobile devices to grow new revenue streams?
  • Can media companies protect their IP and deter piracy as the Internet is crowding out traditional media categories?
  • How can you successfully implement subscription-based models?
  • How can traditional retail and consumer product companies prosper from Internet marketing and distribution?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients create value, please refer to these case examples:

  • AKT reshaped a pay TV company‚Äôs strategy for its video, audio and games content.
  • AKT has recast the web strategy for many traditional media companies (magazines, radio, etc.) by
    calculating the lifetime value of customers under different web strategies and finding the optimal product and business model.
  • Assisting a category-leading Internet business in its acquisition strategy, AKT screened targets, documented attractive financial strategies, and solidified board support, which led to acquisitions that created huge shareholder value.

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