Corporate Strategy Consulting


AKT advises companies, their senior executives and boards of directors on driving shareholder value and growth through effective corporate strategies. We help companies develop their strategic planning process, and assess their business units and other holdings in order to optimally allocate resources.

We also help make the organizational structure changes required to achieve these goals amid budget realities. Based on insights gained through decades of experience, we collaborate with clients to develop strategic plans that improve operations and increase shareholder value. Our corporate strategy service offerings include portfolio strategy development, corporate center role analysis, competency assessments and growth path definition.

Examples of Our Work

In recent corporate strategy engagements, AKT has successfully:

  • Determined the most advantageous structure for a high-speed rail line transport system for the government of a European country, prepared the overall commercial proposition and developed proposals for privatization that illustrated the full commercial value to private sector investors.
  • Assisted the management team of a food products manufacturer in establishing a new company vision and developing a strategic plan that would provide a platform for growth, diversify the business and ultimately enhance shareholder value.
  • Helped a leading airline to discover the best path to offering onboard internet connectivity, the latest in a line of ancillary products that the carrier was considering.

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