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AKT helps business services providers create competitive advantage in a market focused on delivering both exceptional service to end customers, and market-leading ROI to shareholders. The business services sector is exploiting opportunities driven by globalization, consolidation and new technology. And new integrated offerings are forcing established players to develop scalable services that satisfy evolving regulatory and environmental standards. New technology platforms are also driving lower cost models that are disruptive to incumbent businesses, but provide opportunities for new entrants and active players.

Consulting Business Services Overview

AKT helps providers of business services take advantage of attractive opportunities, develop innovative business models and outperform their competitors.  The sector is diverse, including professional services, education and training, and support services and outsourcing. Multinational organizations and specialist service providers need to analyze their critical performance drivers, evaluate contractual frameworks and continue to evolve service offering strategies that can provide a competitive advantage.

AKT combines in-depth industry understanding with deep technical expertise to enable clients to develop winning strategies for acquisition and divestment, service development, new market entry, regulation and political risk management, operational efficiency, and strategy activation.  With AKT’s support, these clients have been able to develop new service offerings for an increasingly energy-efficient world, maximize ROI from strategic investments, and execute detailed plans for international growth.

Areas of Practice

Leaders in the education and training sector look to AKT to provide them with pragmatic and actionable strategies. A low-growth economy and lower government spending, together with increased use of private sector organizations to deliver public services, create market “turbulence” and, with it, opportunities for well-positioned organizations with the right business model to respond.

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AKT supports companies across the industrial and professional services sector, including equipment rental, environmental consultancy, testing and inspection, and legal services, providing strategic and operational expertise to enable them to achieve their growth objectives. By applying deep industry expertise, rigorous research and probing analysis, we provide the insights that enable our clients to resolve their most complex business problems.

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AKT helps outsourcing and support services companies develop innovative strategies to expand their addressable market, increase market share, address new market opportunities and realize the potential of their organizations.AKT has deep experience with clients across the sector, particularly in business process outsourcing and IT services.

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Businesses in both hard and soft facilities management (FM) face a number of strategic challenges, driven by the need to provide greater efficiency, particularly in the public sector, and the evolution of new service offerings from innovative providers.Open Medical helps leading FM providers identify optimal areas for investment to create a winning competitive position.

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Recruitment consultancies are constantly responding to the changing demands of today’s workplace, where specialist skill requirements, flexible working practices and employment regulation combined with economic drivers to create a dynamic environment in which only those with the right business model and strategy will thrive.

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AKT provides consulting services in five core areas – Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Marketing & Sales and Strategy Activation. To uncover and create new opportunities and assess and mitigate potential risks, clients turn to AKT for assistance in addressing the full spectrum of business services specialties, including:

Service Sample Service Components

  • Evaluating end market dynamics
  • Competitive position assessment
  • Operational performance review
  • Integration synergies projection
  • Detailed investment thesis development
  • Identifying opportunities for expansion, matching attractive market opportunities with client capabilities
  • Developing actionable, practical implementation plans to capture new opportunities
  • Capital, investment and resource allocation and prioritization
  • Lifetime value modeling
  • Optimizing pricing structure, guaranteed usage levels, margins, payment timings, work share and financing structures
  • Negotiation support
  • Development and installation of the required project architecture
  • Steering group
  • Program office
  • Work streams
  • Reviewing existing processes to identify improvement opportunities
  • Validating strategic and operational improvement initiatives
  • Developing the detailed program implementation plans, including quick wins, milestones and underlying key actions, and deliverables
  • Managing the implementation process
  • Customer opinion survey development
  • Identifying and prioritizing potential propositions
  • Developing business cases, including market size, penetration, revenue potential, and supply chain and cost implications
  • Creating implementation plans


  • Market gap analysis
  • Core capability assessment
  • Competitor benchmarking and capability assessment
  • Economic business modeling

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