our approach

AKT Consulting Group is a group of specialized consultants, data scientists & expert programmers helping the Industry in converting BIG DATA to create a personalized engagement or communication strategy with their Customers by building Machine Learning models (Predictive Analytics, Neural Networks & Computational Models ) and also integrating their Data using advanced technologies &models using Python, R, HADOOP,TERADATA, SAP HANA and MATLAB.
Our Core Engagement Areas that we help clients improve are
* Customer Strategies
* Communication Strategies
* Product Strategies

AKT Consulting Group – Analytics, Knowledge & Technology are the Three pillars on which our group prides itself. We are a group of individuals and companies which more than 35 years of cumulative experience in the Industry All our models are based on analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics with the use of knowledge and technology we gained through our experience.

how can we help you?

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